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Syntech Development and Manufacturing: More Than Molding

Syntech leads the industry with its cutting-edge Precision Molding and Value Added Services, setting new standards for quality and efficiency.

Our expert team offers comprehensive Tooling, Quoting, and Engineering & Management solutions, ensuring unparalleled support for every project phase.

Precision Injection Molding

Precision Injection Molding

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Value Added Services

Value Added Services

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Engineering & Management

Engineering & Management

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Optimize Your Supply Chain

For Supply Chain Professionals

You’ve got high expectations for your vendors. You need reliable professionals and proven methods to meet these expectations. Whether you’re a product engineer, a purchasing specialist, or a manager of people, you need to consider the best methods to select your molding vendor for exceptional returns.

Become Better At What You Do

We believe that fully informed customers make the best business decisions. Not only do we want to give you a detailed look into what we do, but more importantly we want to provide you with educational material that will enhance your professional life. Using these free resources, you will learn how to optimize your procurement methods, engineer for seamless manufacturing experiences, and lead your company to success through partnership with outstanding vendors.

For Buyers

You do more than spend the company’s money. You are responsible for selecting potential vendors and making sure they do what they say they would. You budget, manage and negotiate in the best interest of your company.

For Engineers

Your designs will, at some point, go to manufacturing, and when they do, they should be ready to go. It can cost time and money with back and forth on DFM. See what it takes to design your part with manufacturing in mind.

For Leaders

Being a leader within a company can be a daunting task. Learn how to best partner and cultivate healthy relationships with strong, capable vendors. Reduce time wasting activities through the validation and reliance on reliable resources to carry the load.

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