Quality Department

At SDM we take pride in the success of our customers. A quality assurance program is an important part of not only our success, but the the success of our customers as well. Our goal is to continuously strive for improvement by developing innovative procedures. We are an FDA registered facility and ISO:13485-2016 certified.

Our precision plastic injected components are inspected in-process for critical dimensions, appearance, and other criteria specified by our customers. Our customer specific quality management program ensures that your parts meet your quality standards before they ever leave our facility. SDM utilizes various methods to ensure the quality of your plastic molded part.

Our Keyence IM-7000 digital comparator and MicroVu CMM measures critical dimensions in a matter of seconds within millions of an inch. Our utilization of state of the art metrology equipment, as well as traditional means of measurement such as calipers, depth gauges, digital CMM, and optical comparators, ensures qualified parts that you can trust.

Ship to stock programs as well as inspection data transfer are available upon request.

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